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There is a project I've been thinking on and struggling to work on for nearly two years. It is an artistic project, done in several different parts. It's actually fairly simple and straightforward, but beyond what I can do. I considered offering to pay someone to do it, but that doesn't feel right. It feels too personal to be bought.

Even with my new attempts at getting back into art, my skills will never do it justice. I have my tablet back for the first time in years, but no tablet pen. (Helpful, yes?) I considered offering commissions to pay for a new pen, but I don't feel confident enough in my ability (artistically and physically) to do so. 

So here is what I've decided: I'm asking for volunteers. This is not for anything commercial, but for something personal and dear to me, and unless I get permission from all involved, this may never even see the light of DA. I need at least seven artists, one for each part of this project, unless someone wants to do more than one part. I have several sketches (stick figures, honestly) and descriptions of various characters. The most dynamic thing any character will be doing is walking and no backgrounds or colors are required. There is little to no pressure on this, as there is no deadline. Further information will be given according to which slot is chosen. I understand people are busy. I will list the parts and what's required and will leave open spaces if anyone wants to claim them. 

I've always been amazed by the warmth and community here on DA, and though I haven't been as active as I'd have liked, I'm hoping to see some of that continue. You can respond via comment below or in a note. For those who volunteer, you have my deepest gratitude. For those who wish to contribute to the project but cannot, thank you for your thoughts and kind words.

Part 1. 1 character (1 child) [available]
Part 2. 2 characters (2 children) [available]
Part 3. 3 characters (2 children, 1 toddler) [available]
Part 4. 4 characters (3 children, 1 toddler) [available]
Part 5. 5 characters (1 teenager, 3 children, 1 toddler) [available]
Part 6. 6 characters (2 teenagers, 2 children, 1 toddler) [available]
Part 7. 7 characters (1 adult, 2 teenagers, 3 children, 1 toddler) [available] 
Nothing is Forever by Futures-Daughter
Nothing is Forever, hey there. It's been a while. You look good.

After a very good conversation with the inspirational :iconiesnoth: (and if you don't know who she is, please remedy this immediately)  I sat down and made a decision. Yesterday happened, but it should not have a negative effect on today--and it should never stop me from trying tomorrow. For a long time now, I've been afraid to try. 

I won't belittle myself for how long this weird little sketch took me. I won't agonize over the mistakes that I can see so clearly. This is my first successful sketch in longer than I like to remember, and I'm beyond proud of it. These boys here are just the beginning of a new me--a me who is going to try.

I'm back.

The brothers (c) D.Dye
The universe of "The Praeterean Chronicles" (c) D. Dye
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This will be short and I'll write some more in detail when I get the chance.

Long stories short:

-TWO KITTENS TO ADD TO HOUSE MENAGERIE (you guys can find them in the gallery)

Gods, I'm tired.


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Elly Dee
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